Friday, October 15, 2021

Broadway's "The Lehman Trilogy" opened last night - Even after three hours, could it use a "megamix" to get the crowd on its feet

 Wondering if Broadway's "The Lehman Trilogy" even at three hours could use a megamix to get the crowd on its feet and clapping in rhythm, so they get online even while they leave the theater and tell their friends what a good time they had! 

Here's "I Need Me A Loan" the cautionary tale of AIG's Ruby Red Ink, vocal by Georga Osborne to the 1970s "Leave Me Alone (Ruby Red Dress)"

This adds to the study materials - The Broadway "Lehman Trilogy" gives you 3 parts in 180 minutes, 

"The Lehman Eulogy" gives you 5 parts in 8 minutes  

(feat. "I Am Lehman" and "AIG Against the World")

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

With the happy news that Jane Lynch will be in Beanie Feldstein- Michael Mayer FUNNY GIRL: Lookback to HOLLYWOOD GOWN 2011 Emmy Edition when Jane Lynch hosted.

 With the happy news that Jane Lynch is announced for the cast of FUNNY GIRL:

Lookback to HOLLYWOOD GOWN 2011 Emmy Edition - Jane Lynch hosted.

It was very oddly a cleavage fashion year with some fashionable people (and their designers) making unusually weird choices - Stars who were usually in red carpet BEST lists made it to SAY WHAT? lists.
Does anyone recall what was going on in fashion Sept 2011?  

Parody lyric by Fred Landau, vocal & video work is by Jan Horvath - 
(Real song is "Hollywood Town" written by Harriet Schock, which is possibly most widely known to 1970s generation for the recording by Manfred Mann's Earth Band on the "Angel Station" album)

Sunday, October 3, 2021

For those hungering for some negativity with the sunny ads for Broadway optimism - this was WHAT YOU DID GOT SNUBBED

The re-opening of Broadway was going so well, there had to be a wrench thrown in! So for those hungering for some negativity with the sunny ads for Broadway optimism.  :)

With optimistic classic shows like "A Chorus Line" being used by NYC in the feel-better ads, recalling that Ed Kleban was something of a curmudgeon and really is said not to have felt "What I Did For Love" for himself, but he caught what the characters felt so well.  

This was "What You Did Got Snubbed"- that maybe Ed Kleban prefers looking from heaven enjoying the reactions of the 298 people who lost the Kleban Prize every year more than the 2 who won.

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

A quick MAKE 'EM MASKS School Starts 2021 version

 MAKE 'EM MASKS School Starts 2021 version Parody Lyric Fred Landau  Vocals and feat. Emily (MJ ) McAleesejergins

Vocals producer KJ McAleesejergins. Editing Scott Arcangel

If you like that video, you may also like "Lotta Gloves" feat. Emily and KJ - This was our first together and now seems to reflect the evolving "Tough Glove" approach voiced a lot on TV)

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

For Jewish New Year 5782, and Counting down to Yom Kippur:

For Rosh Hashanah 

"Put Your Pain In the Hands of a Jew" - music by Skip Kennon, lyric by Fred Landau
Skip and I wrote this to submit for a show that had been described as "jokes used as Jewish novocaine" - 
the show Old Jews...  dropped that concept,  but recording this with Neal Mayer singing all the parts was great fun.

and Counting down to  Yom Kippur:

"I Will Survive" parody lyric by Fred Landau - "I'll be Inscribed":
sung by  Jan Horvath

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

This was the show Marian Weiner and I had written 2015-2017 about the aftermath of the Afghan War for a Long Island family (we did it "on location in Mineola" Aug. 2017)


This was our musical (far less hopeful than I generally do the past decade, but more in line with work I did mid-1990s) about the Afghanistan war, a musical drama but as musicals mostly seem to need, always with a thought to leaving the audience with a feeling of optimism and hope for recovery - we wrote and recorded it 2015-17, and had set it in 2008 - but somehow, even four years ago when we did it on Long Island (we called it "on location in Mineola") August 2017 -  

It's almost eerie,  yet also logical given how most wars end or don't end - the show's plot and main characters in the plot are about inability to finish something before needing to jump to another. Somehow, even we musical theater writers just writing a story about a family touched by tragedy in this war saw this metaphor coming from what was in the news - that "we" would one day leave it unfinished, and abandon it someday and move on. (I guess that's said about theater also. That musicals are never finished, but abandoned once you're frozen or open) 

Two highlighted numbers at More demos from this show at and

As we were writing this in 2015-2017, it was a war that the US knew was not going to be won, and the sons had enlisted with the knowledge that the war would always be unfinished - and the show was about characters that were unable to finish anything, but always moved on to other things.  The grieving Mom in the show will not open the cardboard box that came from the Army with her son's belongings, and Marian's original idea (as of when we started) was the fear that once the box was opened, and she knew what was in the box, after that there would be no more to discover about her son - and that as long as there was something left to discover, that son's ending wasn't final.  

Friday, August 6, 2021

A Gov. Cuomo covid-era retrospective, before the Cuomo story becomes so serious that it's non-PC to laugh about it.

 A Gov. Cuomo covid-era retrospective

The Albany Interpreter in the little circle onscreen from the July 26 press conference - 
explains Gov. Cuomo's "We Cannot Go Backwards" theme 

MY FAR LADY - SPECIAL APPEARANCE BY GOV. CUOMO -maybe he can add a Tony to that Emmy!
"I've Sewn a Costume for Your Face"

YOU'RE SO VAIN PARODY - We'll drop hints regarding who it's about - 
(Hint:  Chris Cuomo is his brother!  Can you guess?)