Sunday, May 12, 2019

A Mothers Day tribute and also updating last month's Sheree Sano tribute

Theater title lookback for Mother's Day:
The devoted son who thought "The Mother With the Hat" was a perfect show to see with his Mom


In honor of Sheree Sano having just won her  second MAC Award, I reminisced  about some of the parody and tribute recordings she's done with me.

What a One-Percent World
Tune of:  What a Wonderful World

Chatting Is a Show’s Best Friend
Tune of:  Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend

PCs, Apps and Tweets
Tune of:  Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves

Tune of: Sir Duke

Go Tell Emma (Emma Stone tribute)
Tune of:  Don’t Tell Mama

Try Eating at Subway, Darling
Tune of:  Don’t Sleep in the Subway 
On the political end - we reprise our FALL 2010 “Chrysanthemum Tea Party Overtures,” with a vocal and music production  created by Sheree  reflecting the Tea Party politics of that mid-term election year– 

At 2:32 here - I get to duet with Sheree on non-parody song “Finale to Family Music”  (co-written by Marian Weiner &Fred Landau)

A parody-tribute to the March 2019 Lincoln Center 
"Camelot" benefit tickets, and to Lin-Manuel Miranda as King Arthur

Friday, March 29, 2019

In honor of the Lehman Brothers play taking New York by storm / also a tribute - "Moulin Huge" update

AIG & LEHMAN BROTHERS- AN 8-MINUTE MINI-MUSICAL /  featuring a Helen Reddy parody-tribute mix


I NEED ME A LOAN (tune of the pop hit LEAVE ME ALONE)

AIG AGAINST THE WORLD (excerpt from the 8-minute musical, this video was excerpted in a Jeanne Moos report 3/17/09 on CNN's  Situation Room and AC 360)

The "AIG videos (tributes to Helen Reddy catalog)" were #2 and #10 respectively on Prof. David Albrecht's Top Ten on BAILOUTS & POPULAR CULTURE 

Also: updated - an online try  to be to "Moulin Rouge" what "Spamilton" is to "Hamilton"

"Firework, Moulin Rouge version" our Parody-Tribute video 
[still just one Firework, they had to cut corners somewhere] 

(Moulin Rouge song: Rolling in the Deep - the Moulin Rouge plot wind-up just before the Megamix, in Boston anyway). - the pain caused by the photoshopped Adele Vogue cover

 [updating regularly at this link!] 

Sunday, January 13, 2019

With the government shutdown putting TSA airport screening in the news -

With the government shutdown putting the TSA and going through airport screening in the news - some encouragement for the security workers to think of a possible fun aspect of their jobs.

Our Sinatra double-feature parody-tribute. Could be used as mood music for making travel plans. 

Part 1 - "Fly Me In The Nude" (but G-rated) - as Frank "patiently" goes though the intrusive full-body scanners at Newark Airport 

Part 2- slightly less-P.C. "Flying with this Loon" - After boarding the plane, Frank heroically helps deck a suspicious character.

Also:  I tried a different take on the "Fly Me in the Nude" video when some new images appeared online that seemed funny and on point.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

New volume of "21st Century Oldies" coming very soon

New volume of "21st Century Oldies"  on Amazon.

Volume 5:   
“What You Did Got Snubbed”
Sing-along parody lyrics by Fred Landau
21stcentury events sung to the tune of Broadway music

Also, with "The Cher Show" opening soon:

With "The Cher Show" about to hit Broadway:
Some Cher worship - parody-tribute - With the word "gypsy" being frowned upon these days in theater, a more-P.C. version, dealing with the modern social-media-aware Cher - 

"PCs, Apps and Tweets" - thanks to Sheree Sano for the vocal!

Some material for the Cher parody lyric was inspired by this NY Times article by Frank Bruni

Monday, June 18, 2018

The poster and program for "The Last Starfighter" at SecondStory Repertory

The poster for our musical "The Last Starfighter"

I just flew back from Seattle after the last rehearsal and then the first performance the other night!

photo with program just above (thanks, Allan at the showsiveseen-dot-com site)

More info on the theater is at

Friday, September 15, 2017

Salute to Tax Reform (What a Wonderful World parody)

Steve Mnuchin parody-tribute on YouTube

Tax reform by  Steve Mnuchin, and his wife's infamous Twitter feed, based on the so-called "air travel scandal"

Many thanks to the terrific Sheree Sano for the fabulous vocal!

And if you haven't seen it already:
"I Will Survive Yom Kippur" - parody

[this parody suggested and based on info in the NY Times New York Today column "Advice for Fasting" June 21, 2017]

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Lyric to honor the New York Times ArtsBeat column

Since I'd been writing lyrics in the NY Times reader-comment section for so long, the Times asked me to write a "parody lyric" on the subject of the ArtsBeat column coming to an end after all these years.  

It's at this link, towards the end of the article; you just have to scroll down a bit: