Sunday, October 18, 2020

On Ben Brantley's end of an era as Times critic: I celebrated my favorite Ben Brantley London Journal reviews:

On Ben Brantley's end of an era as Times critic: I celebrated my favorite Ben Brantley London Journal reviews:

This was about the London Journal on Imelda Staunton's scorched-earth Rose in GYPSY:
"Some Roses have passed the torch, Got the flame yeah but not the scorch" -

And I felt #1 was the see-it but be warned review - that if "The Bodyguard" for Heather Headley had been a better cop or a little less studly, the plot could have been over real quick. 

Here's Sheree Sano  - we recorded it as the dignified casting agent, based on the song being the finale of "The Bodyguard" - Sheree voiced the casting people keeping an eye open about finding a heartthrob for their (we still hope) Broadway "Bodyguard"

And then - the same "Bodyguard" bookwriter won an Oscar very soon after this, sharing the screenwriting Oscar for the stunning "Birdman" script a couple of years later, then directing impressively at 59E59. That's show business!

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Music Man Parody update - "Till There Is Hugh" - also some videos I did with Sheree Sano reflecting (to me, anyway) a need for change this Election Day

 Parody update - "Till There Is Hugh"

"TILL THERE IS HUGH" - parody lyric by Fred Landau about the Music Man ad - for social distance era.

Thanks to Sheree Sano for vocal and putting the video together!

Also, these were some of the parody and tribute recordings Sheree and I have done together that reflect these last four years for better or worse, with the Donald attitudes taking hold.

What a One-Percent World - with Sec. Mnuchin
Tune of:  What a Wonderful World

Chatting Is a Show’s Best Friend
Tune of:  Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend

PCs, Apps and Tweets - a good thing:  
Cher spoke her mind on the net and was a Broadway character in The Cher Show.
Tune of:  Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves

Sur-charge - The new development, that money is all you need to be a VIP
Tune of: Sir Duke

On the political end - we reprise our FALL 2010 “Chrysanthemum Tea Party Overtures,” with a vocal and music production  created by Sheree  reflecting the Tea Party politics of that mid-term election year– 

At 2:32 here - I got to duet with Sheree on non-parody song “Finale to Family Music”  (co-written by Marian Weiner &Fred Landau) - from a summer 2017 reading on location at a music venue in Mineola, Long Island.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

For the Jewish holidays


"I Will Survive" parody lyric by Fred Landau - "I'll be Inscribed":
sungby  Jan Horvath

"Put Your Pain In the Hands of a Jew" - music by Skip Kennon, lyric by Fred Landau
sung by Neal Mayer.
Skip and I write this to submit for a show that had been described as "jokes used as Jewish novocaine" - the show dropped that concept, but recording this was a kick, looking back!

Monday, September 7, 2020

A parody update as re-opening is in full swing, for better or maybe better not. Let's hope.

 A parody update as re-opening is in full swing, for better or maybe better not.  Let's hope. 

The one-minute opening from the 7-minute Labor Day sequel (coming soon) to our "When I''m Stuck at Home" from May, which is still here

 That's Entertainment parody -The world's in a stage, a stage where the money fights containment  with sing-along lyrics on the screen

A version with some photos is at


And here's the closing number.

 "Your Smiling Face" parody - Whenever I see you touch your face, I have to cry and yell- because I love you, yes I do.

 Also Labor Day today is also my father Nat Landau's 100th birthday and there were fun Broadway friends Bill Parry (who starred in the premiere of our Last Starfighter musical) and Maureen Silliman (who starred in our Actors Temple TRU presentation of Viva Max) there by Skype doing a fun birthday hello.  (Mom and Dad used to get on the Florida bus every year and haul their theater loving cookies to Coconut Grove because Maureen Silliman did a show at Coconut Grove.  Dad recalled Mom got so worried when Maureen was playing Marcia Lewis' part in Rags before Paper Mill that Maureen had put on 50 of more  pounds since she last saw Maureen.  Such relief when Mom saw the padded suit hanging in Maureen's dressing room.  )

 For people who know our family, Sept. 7th  is Nat Landau's 100th birthday.  We've been spreading out the wishes he's been getting over yesterday and today. A year ago, this had been planned for a party at (we hoped) their local Casita, but actually, there were people able to be there virtually who might not have been able to be at a real in-person party had that happened. Bill Parry & Maureen Silliman were at the Miami party today by remote (is it skype or skype-style video?) from NYC.

I won't publicly post any of the personal reminiscences online, so many wonderful thoughts from friends and from cousins of four generations, but I'll only post only the musical ones.

Friday, August 14, 2020

The Piaf forever stamp was 2012, and even then we were worried about how snail-like even "snail mail" was

 The Piaf forever stamp was 2012, and even then in that election year we were worried about how snail-like even "snail mail" was. The snail makes a guest appearance at 0:30 and this is believed to be the post office snail's first (and maybe only?) appearance in a La Môme parody video.

Thank you to the amazing Jan Horvath for the vocal here.

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Looking back ten years ago this week- one of the most successful replacement casts ever!

Looking back ten years ago this week-  one of the most successful replacement casts ever! 

It's 10 years this week since one of the best reviewed and most surprisingly well-realized replacement pairs to follow a premium success: when Bernadette Peters and Elaine Stritch took over in the revival of "A Little Night Music." This was a tribute, the "overheard" negotiating with Stritch's agent - who was reported in the press to have been asking for extras that didn't exist ány more, even though Stritch really openly wanted to do the show. With real love for Ms. Stritch, a low-tech take on one of those silly hypothetical lists of supposed demands for things that hadn't existed in years - and she had said she was never going to turn the show down anyway.

And this was A LITTLE SITE MUSIC - celebrating the first Sondheim show to go premium in 2009.

Act 1 - Accountess Charlotte / Anne / Madame Alarmfeldt

Act 2- Disarray / Petra / Frederika checking the box office

Saturday, July 4, 2020

he July 4th parody update - John and Abigail Adams Family/1776 cross-over and Moulin Rouge's Firework

"Firework, Moulin Rouge version" Parody-Tribute video 
[still just one Firework; they had to cut corners somewhere] 

John and Abigail Adams Family Theme ("1776" references are intentional)
Happy 4th of July!

Here in the new epicenter and put up a re-edit of the Socially Distant Era Dorothy "Home" parody - 
Dorothy stays home except for walking Toto of course.  
(For budget reasons, and maybe flexible casting just a bit, Toto is played here by MJ's cat instead of shlepping our corgi over to her)
This is a different take/cover of the parody written for Sheree Sano to sing in the Richard Skipper #StayHome series
The full 7-min WHEN I'M STUCK AT HOME though slightly adjusted is still at 

Thanks and please pass any of the links around if you cam think of anyone who might enjoy them.