Thursday, July 23, 2015

Script for MADONNA AT "HAMILTON" is on the parody drafts blog

I put up the script for MADONNA AT "HAMILTON" - the cabaret musical
parody-tribute that "reveals" what was so important that Madonna had
to text while seeing HAMILTON (and we imagine kept on texting every
 time she saw it) - and the friendship that forms between Madonna 
and Lin-Manuel Miranda in their fans' hopes and dreams. 

Sing-a-long Script for MADONNA AT "HAMILTON" 
is at the July 22 listing here

Rewrites continue as developments occur. 

Planning to have this mini-musical in performance this fall.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

To help cheer the Supreme Court's Democrat-friendly decisions this past week

To help cheer the Supreme Court's past week of decisions for this term

With advancement of gay equal rights -  brief reprise of "I'm Still Queer"
(based on the classic "I'm Still Here" from FOLLIES)

With the resolution of ObamaCare - "Bye Bye Birthers"
(2009 parody of the classic title song to "Bye Bye Birdie")

And just because it's the July 4 weekend:

Once again, our John and Abigail Adams Family theme
(parodying and mashing up "The Addams Family" and "1776")

Monday, June 1, 2015

In honor of June wedding time - some love songs

These types of posts have seemed to generate a really good number of clicks in the past, sos here's a love song rundown in honor of June wedding time.

(To any performers, please feel free to use these in your acts if you want - just let me know how they go over if you use any of these.)

An up-tempo number from a show, which got about 30,000 views
RIGHT NEARBY - sung by Janie Smulyan (thanks to Skip Kennon for the orchestration

IS IT MUSHY TO SAY I LOVE YOU? - my music, with lyric by Hunter Prillaman, a quirky love song which somehow got over 70,000 views (I think about 30,000 of those were because a greeting card site picked it up and linked to it)

A traditional power ballad music & lyric by me, ANOTHER CHRISTMAS
In the show it was written for, it's sung during the year looking back, yearning for the love felt at Christmas time to be here again; got about 40,000 views

I LOOK INTO THOSE EYES (about joining of two families)

Saturday, April 18, 2015

The updated version of "Fly Me in the Nude" TSA scandal parody of "Fly Me to the Moon"

With a few updates musing on the current TSA "groping scandal" - here's:

the updated G-rated video of our "Fly Me in the Nude"  (Sinatra parody)

And if you want to see the original version, which got over 45,000 views in its day, it's still at

Friday, April 10, 2015

Re-linking to "At the Chuppah" (parody of Copacabana)

In congratulatory parody-tribute (mainly tribute here) to Barry Manilow announcing his wedding, a re-link to:

"At the Chuppah" (parody of At the Copa)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Remembering the brilliant, gifted Ellen Schwartz with a link to the site her family put up

Linking to a site celebrating the lyrics of our dear late friend Ellen Schwartz:

Direct link to six of her shows

and also at that site, some highlights from the show TANGLED WEBS which Ellen co-wrote based on a story of mine called WEBCAST:

Ellen Schwartz was (along with so many other talents and abilities) a gifted and dedicated dramatist and so attentive to characters in her writing. It was so great to see the characters and story that I had brought in way back when get such wonderful life by Ellen Schwartz, Skip Kennon and Bill Connington, and as loud and freewheeling as the meetings sometimes got, I think we all enjoyed the back-and-forth over which characters would do, say and sing what they did.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Tax work is keeping me from doing a timely HOLLYWOOD GOWN video this year

Since tax work is keeping me from doing a proper and timely HOLLYWOOD GOWN video this year, I'm respectfully reprising the "Angelina Jolie's Leg" parody-tribute from a few years ago.

and the extended version at