Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Borough of Queens getting shirt shrift in the NYC snow clean-up? A parody-lyric take

Tune of "Manhattan"

- [Queens residents react with quiet dignity:]

You cleared Manhattan
Kings, Bronx and Staten Island too
Are you forgetting you- know-who?

Now tell me what plow
Opted to not plow Queens as fast.
The side streets can’t be passed
The snow seems made to last
We’re aghast!

Don’t go relaxin’
Please have our backs in Jackson Heights!
While we don’t mean to start no fights

Right now our borough is slightly miffed
We’ve gotten, we’d say, short shrift
You cleared Manhattan
While Queens is still a-drift

Friday, January 22, 2016

"The Blizzard and I" - a parody-lyric take

The Blizzard and I – a shows-cancelled update
 (tune of "The Wizard and I"

When I face the blizzard
What will it be worth
Walk into the blizzard
Get the toughest seats on earth!
And with all its blizzard power
As the snow becomes a mass now
Will it take me half an hour
To find cross streets I can pass now?
Oh! I’ll get there and find
 That the box office has-
A lottery seat I can buy!
And that's how it’ll be
The blizzard and I:

Once I face the blizzard
All my luck will change
'Cause once you face the blizzard
All things rearrange!
The box office men adore you
They try hard to assist
And the seats they pick out for you
Do not leave you feeling dissed
And the snow that I have on my coat will assure
He won’t seat me back in row Y
 A ticketbuyer’s dream-
The Blizzard and I!

My choice of seats - unlimited
And it’s a view I always hoped that I could see
I know – though the snow is blowing
My excitement’s growing
‘Cause I know that there will be
A line there at the lottery
That's composed of only me!

But –
I get there in the Blizzard
With my money in my hand
But there are hundreds waiting
Which is not as I had planned
And so it will be
Back on the streets
And I’m heading back home as I cry
I’ll find something on TV
Read a book or two or three
No low-priced Broadway shows for me
This Blizzard
And I!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

A New Years resolution, set to a parody lyric

This was my "parody-lyric" take on Lorna Simpson's touching New Years resolution, as shown in the NY Times article on resolutions for 2016.
Times link is here:

This moved me from Lorna Simpson's resolution, sounding like a worthy resolution I could keep if I could live with this: “ignore what does not need my attention, and continue to intend for a much more just society.”

Tune of Sixteen Going On Seventeen

Now it’s ‘15 going on ‘16,
Iisn’t it time to think
Can I resolve to simply evolve, 
Without too much food or drink?
Now it’s ‘15 going on ’16, 
What habits can I break?
Maybe next year I’ll say no to beer, 
And cut down on cake and steak

Totally unprepared am I,
To face more winter heat
Totally shocked and scared am I,
That Trump won’t meet defeat

I’ll resolve to not get worked up
When there’s nothing I can do
When it’s ‘16 going on ‘17
I’ll hope I made it through

Monday, December 14, 2015

A parody of the warm Christmas weather

based on the descriptions of the warm weather in the Times article "NY Today: Heat of the Moment"

Tune of “Jingle Bell Rock”

Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell Hot
Jingle Bell warm beats Jingle Bell norm
Dancing and prancing on Jingle Bell Beach
Highs we all thought were out of reach

Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell Hot
Dogs love to bark in the Jingle Bell park
Turtles and birds seem to bask in the sun
Fun for everyone

Dance a hora, our menorah
Still lights the night away
But for fauna, it’s a sauna
Still it feels great, so what the hey

Legs are bare, arms are bare
Out on the street
People don’t wear a lot
Bring on the spring here in the Jingle Bell heat
Yes, it’s Jingle Bell Hot

Sunday, December 6, 2015

If you're looking for Christmas songs to perform in your act, or just listen to:

In case you're looking for holiday songs to perform or just listen to:

Here's an original song "In The Season We Love"(sung by Jan Horvath)

For any holiday travel - our FLY ME IN THE NUDE airline scanner spoof [at 45,000 views now]

BEYONCE parody - "KRINGLE LADIES (Put 5 Golden Rings On It)" - parody sung by Leenya Rideout 

And a non-parody ballad "Another Christmas" (which somehow happily got over 40,000 views)
[It has an ad on it, I'm not sure how to by-pass the ad]

And as the blog celebrates five years, here's our look back in theater and cabaret-related parody videos:


sung by Jan Horvath

"Chatting is a Show's Best Friend" parody-tribute to Megan Hilty's 
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes triumph:

Al Pacino’s transfer to Broadway was big box office, the producers trying to get him to extend
SHYLOCK, a parody of SKYLARK  

With Emma Stone's triumphant arrival in CABARET: our parody-tribute to Emma Stone
CABARET / GO TELL EMMA  - "Don't Tell Mama" parody

Bette on Broadway as Sue Mengers, to tune of “The Rose”

Bette Midler "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" YouTube parody 

With Hugh Jackman back on Broadway 

"I Raid My Keogh"  (tune of "I Go to Rio")

I’D RATHER A JEW – Funny Girl casting 

"Sir Duke" parody - Stevie Wonder tour pricing and concert seating
parody  (2nd in a series) - parody sung by Sheree Sano

"Piaf" -  postage stamp dedication, a parody of LA VIE EN ROSE  


Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Since our dog seems to thinks it's too early in the season for the tree-sellers to have taken over the park...

A tongue-in-cheek look at walking through all the tree-sellers while it's warm and rainy on the crowded streets.  Inspired by quotes from a tree-seller in today's NY Times article "New York Today: A Sidewalk Forest" - 

Tune of “Winter Wonderland” (a happy, up-tempo version)

On our block, we are surly
Are the trees out too early?
It’s not the right day, get out of our way
Rushing through this Misty Jungle-land

Many trees out for viewing
But we think “nothing doing”
It’s not all that cold, so we can’t be sold
Rushing through this Misty Jungle-land

Add it up, the numbers may be telling
Seems we buyers aren’t in the mood
In the stores, some presents may be selling
But trees, they block our street and give us ‘tude

Later on, Yule tradition
May just change our position
Today, as for us, the trees make us cuss
Rushing through this Misty Jungle-land

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The $1-million price of a New York City dog run

From the wonderful (and very useful)  "New York Today" column in the NYTimes:   “Residents in Queens want a new dog run, but not if it costs $1 million.”

Here's a parody-tribute:  you can sing it to tune of “Da Doo Ron Ron”

Read it on a Wednesday that they’ll pass a bill
The new run, run, run, the new run, run
Somebody told me it would cost a mill
The new run, run, run, the new run, run

Yeah, they’ll pass a bill
Yeah, it costs a mill
And as I walked my dog
The new run, run, run, the new run, run?

Told me the whole fight had taken many years
The new run, run, run, the new run, run
But when I heard the price I didn’t trust my ears
The new run, run, run, the new run, run

Yeah, it took some years
Yeah, can’t trust my ears
And when I walked my dog
The new run, run, run, the new run, run

When I asked them why they started “well, because”
The new run, run, run, the new run, run!!!
Then I heard the reasons and they gave me pause
The new run, run, run, the new run, run???

Yeah, said well because
Yeah, they gave me paws
Still when I walked my dog
The new run, run, run, the new run, run!!!