Sunday, May 12, 2019

A Mothers Day tribute and also updating last month's Sheree Sano tribute

Theater title lookback for Mother's Day:
The devoted son who thought "The Mother With the Hat" was a perfect show to see with his Mom


In honor of Sheree Sano having just won her  second MAC Award, I reminisced  about some of the parody and tribute recordings she's done with me.

What a One-Percent World
Tune of:  What a Wonderful World

Chatting Is a Show’s Best Friend
Tune of:  Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend

PCs, Apps and Tweets
Tune of:  Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves

Tune of: Sir Duke

Go Tell Emma (Emma Stone tribute)
Tune of:  Don’t Tell Mama

Try Eating at Subway, Darling
Tune of:  Don’t Sleep in the Subway 
On the political end - we reprise our FALL 2010 “Chrysanthemum Tea Party Overtures,” with a vocal and music production  created by Sheree  reflecting the Tea Party politics of that mid-term election year– 

At 2:32 here - I get to duet with Sheree on non-parody song “Finale to Family Music”  (co-written by Marian Weiner &Fred Landau)

A parody-tribute to the March 2019 Lincoln Center 
"Camelot" benefit tickets, and to Lin-Manuel Miranda as King Arthur