Sunday, January 22, 2012

Parody of DON'T SLEEP IN THE SUBWAY on Petula Clark's anticipated (but - to me - expensive!) return to NYC at Feinstein's

My dear neighbor Sheree Sano sang my Petula Clark DON'T SLEEP IN THE SUBWAY PARODY, so naturally I put it on YouTube - it's one joke, but with the Subway chain being in the news about their recent product placements, I figured what-the-heck and YouTubed it:



Thursday, January 19, 2012

New for Valentine's Day: My non-parody original theater songs, "Is It Mushy to Say I Love You" with 70,000 views and "Another Christmas" (after-Christmas ballad) over 40,000 views - feel free to use in your acts and performances!

IS IT MUSHY TO SAY I LOVE YOU? - my music, with lyric by Hunter Prillaman, quirky love song

A traditional power ballad music & lyric by me, 
In the show it was written for, it's sung in the first months of the New Year looking back, yearning for the love felt at Christmas time to be here again;

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

An ode to a fave mispronunciation of Downton Abbey

This may be the silly first in a silly series - or maybe not.  I've just been enjoying the various ways people have been having fun with the name DOWNTON ABBEY, so I set one of those mis-hearings to music.

"DOWNTOWN ABBY / UPTOWN ANN LANDERS" THEME SONG ON YOUTUBE - music & lyric by me; I tried to put Abby & Ann Landers' faces on the actual Downton Abbey cast, but the result was so pointless that i couldn't justify parodic fair use of the scenes from the show :)