Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thanks to everyone involved in our table-read of VIVA MAX! based on the novel by Jim Lehrer

A table-reading of VIVA MAX!, a new musical based on the novel by Jim Lehrer, was presented for an invited audience on November 21, 2013.  The musical has a book by Julie Miller & Fred Landau, and music & lyrics by Skip Kennon.  

The cast was:
Kurt Bardele –  Governor of Texas, Sheriff
Michael Cone –  Private Ungaro, Farmer
Milla Ilieva –  Carmela, Lady Bird Johnson
Joseph Kolinski -  General Maximilian de Santos
William Parry –  Police Chief Sylvester, Lyndon Johnson
Ric Ryder –  Corporal Crecencio
Maureen Silliman –  Hattie [also Lynda Bird Johnson]
Jake Smith –  John Wayne, Highway Patrolman
Janie Smulyan –  Luci Johnson, Ida Fellows
Christianne Tisdale -  Paula
For the table-read, the performers also play Mexican soldiers, members of the Future Farmers of America, townspeople, Texas Rangers and reporters
Thanks to Evan Pappas for all his help!

Skip posted on his Facebook page:  
"We did a first table-reading of our musical version of Jim Lehrer's novel VIVA MAX today. We invited about 20 close theatre-writer friends and Mr. Lehrer, his wife and one of his daughters attended. Mr. Lehrer gave us a standing O at the end. Man, that felt good. Mrs. Lehrer gave me huge praise for the music and lyrics. I have to thank a wonderful cast for nailing it today. Joe Kolinski, Christianne Tisdale, Milla Ilieva, Ric Ryder, Maureen Silliman, Bill Parry, Jane Smulyan, Michael Cone, Kurt Bardele and Jacob Leonard Smith.
Evan Pappas did wonderful work with our cast on Tuesday helping them with music-stand-eography and boosting the oomph of their characterizations."

Musical numbers at the table-reading were:


Scene 1 – Town of Nuevo Laredo, a restaurant, and Max’s office
Nuevo Laredo Awaits You (Max, Corporal Crecencio, Soldiers)
I Don’t Think So   (Carmela)

Scene 2 – Laredo, Texas at Washington Birthday parade and the road to San Antonio
The Marching Song  (Soldiers, Future Farmers of America, other parade marchers)
To Leave a Mark  (Max)

Scene 3 – Around the Alamo and the gift shop
Remember the Alamo  (Paula, Hattie and visitors to the Alamo)
‘Twas Ever Thus  (Paula, Max)

Scene 4 – Chief Sylvester’s office & the Governor’s office
You Gotta Give a Guy a Gun (Sylvester and everyone in his office)

Scene 5 – The Alamo, inside and outside
What a Woman Wants  (Crecencio)
The Battle


Scene 1 – Max’s dream (The White House bedroom) and in the gift shop
What Do You Do When It’s Two in the Morning
          (Lady Bird and Luci & Lynda, LBJ, John Wayne, Reporters, Hattie)
Honestly    (Max)

Scene 2 – Inside and outside the Alamo
These Are the Gifts  (Max and reporters, with Paula and Hattie)

Scene 3 – Alamo courtyard and adjoining areas
What a Woman Wants – reprise – (Hattie, Private Ungaro)
I Was Wrong  (Paula, Max)

Scene 4 –  Nuevo Laredo
Finale – Nuevo Laredo Awaits You