Saturday, April 27, 2013

With the hot new Madoff film avoiding talking to Ruth Madoff - we look to when we sought Ruth's side of the story [and added April 30: remembering Deanna Durbin]

With the big new film about Bernie Madoff about to come out, and that film specifically having avoided talking to Ruth Madoff - let's recall our converstaion with "Ruth" at intermission of WICKED where she obviously identified with Elfie's torment in Defying Gravity

Defying Gravity parody - "Crying Poverty" -  the part of "Ruth Madoff"sung by Jan Horvath

April 30 addition:
From an old show about the Hollywood Star System
"Always Deanna"  - posted in loving memory of Deanna Durbin

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Megan Hilty "Diamonds/Lorelei" parody - because we truly love her on SMASH and her album! Also MOTOWN the musical, the parody commercial

Saw MOTOWN today.  
In any normal Broadway year, the climax of the show would be Berry Gordy getting a well-deserved Tony Award. Such a sweeping, ambitious show, so powerful and moving. And yes, it is so much fun, too, it doesn't skimp on the fun - but so much more!  And for readers of this blog, for me to say that about a "jukebox" show - well, let's think of it as a powerful play that had to be told with THIS music!
The Motown parody commercial:- special thanks to Jan Horvath for doing the vocals!

Here's my "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend parody" - sung by Sheree Sano (as Marilyn/Megan)
(Inspired by the NY Times front page story on standing ovations at GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES starring Megan Hilty and a great cast - a true highlight of the past twelve months)

And  finally, with the air traffic controller developments making air traffic easier, let's reprise
FLY ME IN THE MOON parody - Fly Me in the Nude (recalling those scanners)

Monday, April 8, 2013

March Madness closer "One Whiny Moment", and Salute to Cher, because we're talking about her for some strange reason!

A plug for a little Cher-middle-age-but-still-modern parody (thank heavens she's still in Vegas performing and looking forward to that Broadway show whenever she's ready!!!!)

Pcs, Apps and Tweets (parody of Gypsies Tramps and Thieves)

Also - My annual March Madness closer, the wish to get to write the replacement song for ONE SHINING MOMEMT, since it's not fair that that writer gets to hog that gig for 25 years just because he knew the right people 25 years ago


That writer’s good / But here I am
I’m searching for a break / No one gives a damn
All my career / No one cares
Just how hard I try / To push my wares

Give me one whiny moment
And then I’ll be fine
My one whiny moment
A moment that’s mine

I know I’m short / Of friends with clout
Wasn’t it some other sport / That song was about?
Who did he know / To get his through
He got his song a go /  By who he knew

Just one whiny moment
That’s all that I need
Just one whiny moment
I beg and I plead

Like twenty-five years that that song’s in our face
So maybe a contest for one to repla-a-a-a-a-ce

He said just one / But man alive
He deserved his one /  Not twenty-five

(really sell it here)

Give me one whiny moment
Give way for new songs
One whiny moment
So maybe do two songs

Thursday, April 4, 2013

A salute to Elaine Stritch, after reading the Times article

My salute to Stritch - which I put yesterday afternoon way down in the comments box under Stephen Holden's  Times article, which is at:

Tune of I Never Know When to Say When -
based a bit loosely on Mr. Holden's touching, insight-filled article

I’m having fun in here
A well-sold run in here
Look by the bar, seems every star knows I’m not done in here
They hang on every turn of phrase, every rhyme
That says there’s never a time to call time

I may not toe a line
And I may blow a line
But they don’t jeer, I make them cheer when I forego a line
If I get controversial, it’s so sublime
No, there is never a time to call time
No getting old ain’t no crime
There’s never a time to call time

[As people on my email list probably know, I'd been "stritchfan" on twitter for a long time before my twitter was hacked and I lost the twitter name last fall.  Anything from "stritchfan" since fall 2012 was not from me.]