Sunday, October 31, 2010

Why not give Doris Day the Oscar that Godard doesn't seem to care about?

Whether or not she wants to appear in person, maybe give Doris Day the Oscar that Jean-Luc Godard doesn't seem to want.  (Clearly, they're ready to give it to Godard without his appearing to get it.)

(Jonathan Schwartz radio show referenced, even rhymed, in 3rd verse at 1:18)

Friday, October 29, 2010

For Halloween - Great Theater's Ghosts!

The ghost of Henry Miller about theatre being re-named

And on a much-lower-tech note, the ghost of Alan Jay Lerner hanging out at Vassar watching the ON A CLEAR DAY revisal in its pre-NYC incarnation

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Shameless self-promo: I'm a Finalist for 2010 Ebb Award!

I got a phone call from the trustee of the Fred Ebb Foundation, saying that I'm one of the eight "finalists for the Fred Ebb Foundation award."  The odds aren't in my favor for me to win (to paraphrase the great Mr. Ebb's lyric to "Maybe This Time") but whatever happens, being a "finalist" is a thrill in and of itself.

And to Julie Miller, if you're reading this, thanks.  Julie basically picked out which songs I should include on the CD out of the many I gave her to listen to.  (And I only know Julie because of All that Chat, so thanks to All that Chat, too.)

I was wondering whether i should take off some of my Kander-and-Ebb parodies on the net lest someone happen across them while deliberating, but they're so much more tribute-like towards Mr. Ebb and Mr. Kander in their commenting than anything else, so i haven't done anything like that - yet.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Musto's lovely blog item; also gently (?) kidding American Idiot

La Daily Musto in the Village Voice did a blog item all about my Sesame Street parodies on Katy Perry and Elmo.

Please pass this around to anyone who might like the parodies!

Also, I did an AMERICAN IDIOT parody a few days ago,based on the great Billie Joe Armstrong/Green Day song WAKE ME UP WHEN SEPTEMBER ENDS, making very gentle fun (I thought gentle) of Billie Joe joining that cast as the end-of-September doldrums hit.  
American Idiot parody link - does this go too far, do you think?