Saturday, November 13, 2010

Airline "nude" scanners are back in the news - brought this (G-rated) one past 25,000 views

"Fly Me In The Nude" - going though the full-body scanners at Newark Airport.  
I'd tried for a visual equivalent to make (very affectionate) fun of what Twyla Tharp did with movement in her Broadway - and now Vegas - Sinatra show, and the video part came out a little too simple for some of the commenters - the visual may not have totally worked, but the parody song has gotten nice reaction!!


"Another Christmas" my post-Christmas blues song (not a parody)
written several years back passed 40,000 views pretty recently

This one's 2009 news, but people are still finding and watching the  
"Appalachian Trail" video
Gov. Mark Sanford CAROLINA parody - it recently passed 133,000

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