Friday, December 3, 2010

Anyone looking for material for holiday season?

If you're looking for material for the holiday season's performances:

Here's KRINGLE LADIES:  PUT FIVE GOLDEN RINGS ON IT, a parody of SINGLE LADIES  - (I have no idea just why YouTube is putting pop-up ads on it; we get nothing from those ads!) - parody sung here by Leenya Rideout

Susan Boyle Christmas album parody - Here's THEY MADE YOU OVER, parody of DON'T DREAM IT'S OVER from Susan Boyle's Christmas album - parody sung here by Sheree Sano

A sincere (non-parody) power ballad ANOTHER CHRISTMAS

And because it's so topical for holiday traveling, here's FLY ME IN THE NUDE about the full-body airline scanners

Feel free to use any of these this holiday season.  If you do, all I ask is that you just let me know how the song goes over.


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