Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Why are so many people getting here through a week-old post on All That Chat?

If someone can comment, I'm anxious  to know:  Why are so many people getting here today by way of  a post from All That Chat about Cactus Flower and Forty Carats, way down on the second page there from February 15, when it's February 23 now?   This has never happened before, normally ATC link referral are all from that same day or the day before.  Is something going on with Cactus Flower?

and now this is coming up from more than one person:


Are more than one person trying to do something on this site?  Please email me at the AOL address dylan43rd or comment here, to assure me that nothing wrong is being done here, because it looks unlike anything that's ever happened here before.

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