Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What are the odds? Getting loads of views because people think I'm a different "Landau" than I am?

Been enjoying getting loads of extra YouTube views because of people looking for YouTubes of Landau Eugene Murphy, who goes by the one-name "Landau" generally, but his FLY ME TO THE MOON vocal just the other night was eerily similar to my FLY ME IN THE NUDE parody.  I know we're both doing Sinatra, but so similar, at least to these ears.  The orchestrations are different, but just compare the sound of the vocals; I'd been wondering why people's emails for him were coming to me - I've just been writing back saying I'm flattered by the comparison but I'm not THAT Landau.

Landau Eugene Murphy doing FLY ME TO THE MOON

Me (now the other Landau - LOL!) doing the FLY ME IN THE NUDE PARODY

The FLY ME IN THE NUDE parody is totally suitable to watch at work, by the way!

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