Monday, December 2, 2013

2013 in mostly theater/cabaret-related videos

Based more on when things happened than when I put up the video:

January 2013 –
The glamor began in this theater-heavy Hollywood Gown season
Note the full version of the “Hollywood Gown” parody song is at

and in pop music and politics:  who can forget the Beyonce National Anthem flap
Beyonce – Taylor Swift mash-up spoof:  National Anthem lip-sync brouhaha

February 2013 – 
For Valentine’s Day: our original theater song
“Is It Mushy to Say I Love You” somehow passed 73,000 view

March 2013 –
Mark Sanford "Carolina in the Morning" parody – Gov. Sanford ran again even after scandal (got elected),  and by the way, our parody video passed 134,000 views

In theater:  mash-up based on two real theater highlights of years past
SALLY’S TALLY’S FOLLIES - The Story of Sally and Sally

April 2013 -
Bette takes the town, our parody-tributes
BOOGIE WOOGIE BUGLE BOY parody – Boogie Woogie Broadway Broad
 THE ROSE parody – The Gross (about premium seating)

May 2013 – 
“The Testament of Mary” gets Tony nom, closes abruptly

May / June 2013 -  only because I was busy planning travel
New version of FLY ME IN THE NUDE
here too is its sequel FLYING WITH THIS LOON   

Summer 2013 – 
I mostly got somewhat side-tracked with work-related  matters, and involved with getting the parody book and the “Viva Max” libretto draft ready (also some political spoofs which are here on the blog but not really theatre-related)
Here’s the Amazon link, it’s on Kindle and paperback.
It actually got on the Humor/Parody book list Top 100 for a while (as high as number 74).  Thanks to the people who bought to get it there.
Viva Max info is in Nov 21 entry on the music-and-comedy blog.

Oct. 2013 -
SMASH’s HIT LIST coming to New York – Springtime for Hit List and Jeremy
Also connected to that:  Diamonds parody Megan Hilty salute-tribute

November 2013 – 
parody of ROAR, about online sampling, effect on charts & CD business

 Dec. 2013 - 
See our Christmas run-down posted in November 30 post

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