Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Remembering the brilliant, gifted Ellen Schwartz with a link to the site her family put up

Linking to a site celebrating the lyrics of our dear late friend Ellen Schwartz:

Direct link to six of her shows

and also at that site, some highlights from the show TANGLED WEBS which Ellen co-wrote based on a story of mine called WEBCAST:

Ellen Schwartz was (along with so many other talents and abilities) a gifted and dedicated dramatist and so attentive to characters in her writing. It was so great to see the characters and story that I had brought in way back when get such wonderful life by Ellen Schwartz, Skip Kennon and Bill Connington, and as loud and freewheeling as the meetings sometimes got, I think we all enjoyed the back-and-forth over which characters would do, say and sing what they did.

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