Monday, September 7, 2015

In parody-tribute to the London GYPSY

I'd put this parody lyric in the readers' comments under Mr. Brantley's review of 
the London GYPSY, "London Theater Journal:  A Scorching Momma Rose"
relating to the review & some of the reader discussion there of the even darker take on the show..

Tune of “Some People”

Some Roses can rule the boards
Grabbing love as they grab awards
That’s okay for some Roses
And that’s perfectly great

Some Roses can own the stage
Showing heart as they’ve shown their rage
That’s perfect for some Roses
You’d ask out on a date

But no -
When you see this show
You’ll think about every nut case you live in fear of
Every monster you’ve grown to hate
Every salesman you stay real clear of
Fly to London, no need to wait

Some Roses have passed the torch
Got the flame, yeah, but not the scorch
That’s triumphed for some Roses
Some wham, bam, glam Roses that were
Well, they all want your love
But not her!

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