Sunday, November 18, 2012

Christmas material, since everyone's starting already!

For the holidays:

BEYONCE- "KRINGLE LADIES" (Put 5 Golden Rings On It) 
sung by Leenya Rideout

For any holiday travel - our FLY ME IN THE NUDE airline scanner spoof

Our Adele / SKYFALL take on "Let It Snow, Let It Snow..." 
sung by Sheree Sano

And this one's not a parody, but we did this show "audition demo" and it turned out timely, so here's a holiday original number (demo sung by Jan Horvath) - from my "Across State Lines"
IN THE SEASON WE LOVE - NY shoppers clash on holiday spirit, but find harmony
The link is at

General info (synopsis, parody lyrics) on "Theater Squawk" (a parody take-off on Theater Talk) now can be found at

My video lookback at this blog's Theater Parody Video Years 2009-2011 is at

For info on the backstage intrigue musical TANGLED WEBS, which is based on my story WebCAST:  This dark but romantic musical comedy is written by Bill Connington, composer Skip Kennon  and lyricist Ellen Schwartz, and lots of details are at the blog at    

And on the politics end - with Bristol Palin back on DANCING WITH THE STARS, we reprise our FALL 2010 “Chrysanthemum Tea Party Overtures” – done with the gracious OK of Mr. Sondheim’s Pacific Overtues music publisher

also You're A Pain,  Tea Party - -parody of "You're So Vain "- a rogue-umentary

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