Thursday, November 22, 2012

Let's Frolic Like Eli Wallach and other December-type songs of joy (and I hope, of hope!)

Happy Thanksgiving!  I think this is the earliest the holiday, and thus the holiday shopping season's start, can possibly be, isn't it?

If anyone's looking for December numbers for acts or revues or piano-bar sets, feel free to use these: (just tell me how they go over after you use them if you can)

LET'S FROLIC LIKE ELI WALLACH - with the great actor's birthday in early December, my audio  novelty-song tribute to seeing his diverse  double features with my uncle (my uncle had adopted the phrase "let's frolic like Eli Wallach" as a philosophy when it was apparently said on a TV talk/variety show and my aunt had kept the thought going)  - original song
Link for the audio is at

IN THE SEASON WE LOVE - Duet, with NY shoppers clashing on holiday spirit, but ultimately finding harmony     (original song)

For any holiday travel - there's the "standby" FLY ME IN THE NUDE airline scanner spoof  - parody of Fly Me to the Moon

More Chrsitmas stuff here on my blog at  

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  1. I just listened to the song called "Let's Frolic Just Like Eli Wallach" on YouTube! There was a note there that stated British entertainer Des O'Connor may have originated the phrase "frolic like Eli Wallach"--it wouldn't surprise me; it would have been in keeping with O'Connor's playful, enthusiastic manner. Frolicking is a good description of Wallach's characterization of the Mexican bandit Tuco "the ugly" in the Wester The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Love it! And I love Eli!