Thursday, April 4, 2013

A salute to Elaine Stritch, after reading the Times article

My salute to Stritch - which I put yesterday afternoon way down in the comments box under Stephen Holden's  Times article, which is at:

Tune of I Never Know When to Say When -
based a bit loosely on Mr. Holden's touching, insight-filled article

I’m having fun in here
A well-sold run in here
Look by the bar, seems every star knows I’m not done in here
They hang on every turn of phrase, every rhyme
That says there’s never a time to call time

I may not toe a line
And I may blow a line
But they don’t jeer, I make them cheer when I forego a line
If I get controversial, it’s so sublime
No, there is never a time to call time
No getting old ain’t no crime
There’s never a time to call time

[As people on my email list probably know, I'd been "stritchfan" on twitter for a long time before my twitter was hacked and I lost the twitter name last fall.  Anything from "stritchfan" since fall 2012 was not from me.]

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