Monday, April 8, 2013

March Madness closer "One Whiny Moment", and Salute to Cher, because we're talking about her for some strange reason!

A plug for a little Cher-middle-age-but-still-modern parody (thank heavens she's still in Vegas performing and looking forward to that Broadway show whenever she's ready!!!!)

Pcs, Apps and Tweets (parody of Gypsies Tramps and Thieves)

Also - My annual March Madness closer, the wish to get to write the replacement song for ONE SHINING MOMEMT, since it's not fair that that writer gets to hog that gig for 25 years just because he knew the right people 25 years ago


That writer’s good / But here I am
I’m searching for a break / No one gives a damn
All my career / No one cares
Just how hard I try / To push my wares

Give me one whiny moment
And then I’ll be fine
My one whiny moment
A moment that’s mine

I know I’m short / Of friends with clout
Wasn’t it some other sport / That song was about?
Who did he know / To get his through
He got his song a go /  By who he knew

Just one whiny moment
That’s all that I need
Just one whiny moment
I beg and I plead

Like twenty-five years that that song’s in our face
So maybe a contest for one to repla-a-a-a-a-ce

He said just one / But man alive
He deserved his one /  Not twenty-five

(really sell it here)

Give me one whiny moment
Give way for new songs
One whiny moment
So maybe do two songs

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