Tuesday, August 6, 2013

With announcement of Meryl Streep doing the Testament of Mary audio book; also a simple Christmas song about shopping in NYC

Videos above:  In the Season We Love (Christmas song from "Across State Lines")
                        The Testiness of Mary (updated:Testament of Mary-casting ideas)

I updated my "THE TESTINESS OF MARY" spoof video on YouTube for more possible replacement casting (glad YouTube now allows more alterations, or maybe I'm just learning how to do them)

Music & lyric Fred Landau

(but seriously: Don't worry about Fiona, though, she's doing more than great - she's directing next season at the Met!  And let's still hope for a DVD or a PBS version of her stage performance!)


Also, just uploaded a new version of "In the Season We Love" - just in time to be considered for people's Christmas shows :)


A happy shopper and grumpy shopper come to terms over NYC at Christmas time.
Music and lyric Fred Landau, vocal Jan Horvath
This may have started off as a parody of the seasons of love sentiment, but it became a non-spoof song as I worked on it.

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