Saturday, July 27, 2013

Online gossip and (at times) scandal is causing some numbers to jump on some videos: Paula Deen, Mark Sanford, Jeremy Piven, Downton Abbey, AIG

Some of our videos are getting re-discovered because of the subject being mentioned.

Paula Deen before the scandal -
"So Much Butter" - parody lyric on Legally Blonde's "So Much Better" - thanks to Shelby Rose for the vocal as "Paula"

Jeremy Piven and the "Fish" scandal - parody lyric on "Zip" - from before Jeremy Piven made a big comeback after being cleared by Equity
Thanks to Shauna Hicks for the vocal

The silliness over possible appearances by Diddy on "Downton Abbey" is getting people to start watching:
"Downtown Abby - Uptown Ann Landers"

Airline searches are causing a surge in
FLY ME IN THE NUDE, our airline scanners spoof

Mark Sanford back in the office ignites views on
SANFORD "CAROLINA IN THE MORNING" spoof, over 130,000 views and counting again

One of our favorite stars Helen Reddy being back on tour is causing a spike in
"AIG AGAINST THE WORLD" (our video which was excerpted on CNN's American Morning and Situation Roon, and Anderson Cooper's AC360)
and I NEED ME A LOAN, parody on "Leave Me Alone"
Thanks to Shauna Hicks and Georga Osborne for the vocals

Please also see the May 24, 2013 post if you're looking for this blog's 
extensive, pretty comprehensive, 2012-13 season highlight overview

And in honor of even MORE Jewish comedy coming to legit theaters near you
"Put Your Pain in the Hands of a Jew" (with stand-up comedy tribute)
and "We Got Jokes and Jews"

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