Friday, July 5, 2013

Bette wants to do Mame, per the NY Times - not clear if play or musical would be best for Bette, but Patrick Healy had asked about musicals

Please also see the May 24, 2013 post if you're looking for this blog's 
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Here's the Patrick Healy NY Times interview with Bette Midler

OUR BETTE TRIBUTE YOUTUBE PARODIES:  (sung by the wonderful Jan Horvath)

Bette Midler "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" YouTube parody

And more on "I'll Eat You last" - this is to tune of "The Rose"

(and a Mame lyric, tune of "We Need a Little Christmas")

Haul out the Herman
Let’s all have Bette come in and star as MAME today
We’ll use real ermine
Investors throw cash when we say her name today – wow!

Broadway seems a little listless
Right this scary minute
Actress field’s not crowded
Any way you spin it
Yes, the list’s a little listless 
Rush in, she could win it

If crowds get way too geriatric
We’ll cast Neil Harris as our Patrick

Or  -  What show can slip in?
PACIFIC OVERTURES with an all-Jewish cast
Put Bette in PIPPIN
An Encores KISS ME KATE with an all-Shrewish cast -now

‘Cause if Bette in OKLAHOMA overwhelms the Circle
Maybe Patti’s part in WORKING by Studs Terkel
Or a new show about DO-MA shared with Captain Kirk’ll
Make the list less listless now

[producers march on]

Call her for FOLLIES
Get her in BEACHES, let her spread her wings again
The best of DOLLY’s -
Make Jerry coax until Miss Midler sings again now

True, she needs a little distance
Right here at this minute
Tony snub was oddball
Thought that she would win it
Yes she needs a little distance
Any way you spin it

Find something showy and supporting
Producers all get set for courting

She'd kill with Williams
There's a great musical of GLASS MENAGERIE
She’s just the right age
But I would ask that we not get too badgery now

For she’s done a lot of gabbing
Done a lot of smoking
Everyone is grabbing
Her rep needs some stroking
Though the thought of her returning
Is so thought provoking
She needs a little distance now

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