Thursday, July 25, 2013

"I'm Getting My Act Together..." - a Ford and Cryer "parody lyric tribute"

tune of OLD FRIEND from "I'm Getting My Act Together..."

Every time I hear this show by Ford and Cryer
It’s like a great good friend
Yes I know I was a teen then
Didn’t get all that they mean then
But still it moved me and touched me no end

So much empathy right there in Heather’s story
The life she tried to mend
And the story really moved me
Maybe for a while improved me
In some ways that I could never comprehend

And we’d sit in the dorm with that OCR
Or else we’d play it in a good friend’s car
And they’d pop up at a piano bar
The songs that hurt and made you feel
Fiction yes, but oh so real

Will it be as strong when I’m in middle age now
With each song sung by Renee
‘Cause the music moves as much now
And the words still scald and touch now
Strong in their time, still powerful  today

So I’ll sit here and I’ll hit “send”
Thoughts of a show that’s a good friend
And hope that somehow it might extend
So more will hurt and more will feel
Fiction yes, but oh so real
(The show’s a good friend)

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